The project

This blog is part of a research project Design and Efficiency in MS Office software at Howest University College West Flanders (Belgium).

The project is about the wide graphic capabilities in MS Office both on-screen and print.
We do a technical screening and detect the best practices in the realisation and publication of these documents.
We explore the possibilities to integrate the corporate design of organisations into their MS Office environment.

Professionally MS Office is used by different kind of people in different kind of organisations. All those people get in touch with the corporate design of their organisation. Office, Communication and Business managers have to implement a brand, logos and corporate style in spreadsheets, documents and presentations. When this has to be done there are a lot of communication and conversion problems between the designers and marketeers of the organisation (Adobe users) and the other departments (MS Office users).

This blog shows you fancy techniques to design ergonomic MS Office documents.
This blog gives a design flavor to your technical skills in MS Office.

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